simplesudsawesomePublisher’s Note: The cool thing about McKinney area farmers markets, such as, McKinney Farmers Market at Chestnut Square, and The Market at Luscombe Farms, is finding not only yummy food items, but also, all manner of wonderful, hand-crafted items along the way. As a vendor/writer, it is a great honor to learn the stories behind such products.  When I consider the story behind the creation of one of my favorite farmers market finds this season, Simple Suds and Stuff, Andy Rooney’s words come to mind, “Love, not time, heals all wounds.” Please enjoy this inspiring story of a product coming to be in the name of such love. 

For Rodney and Lisa, transplanting their roots to North Texas soil has been a wonderful blessing.

“We recently moved to Texas from the Northeast,” says Lisa, “and we couldn’t be happier about the move!”rodneylisa

Sharing their love, their sense of service, and their zest for life with each other, as well as with their growing community of friends, has been an especially nice experience for Rodney and Lisa. Particularly in light of some of the challenges they have had to face post deployment.

“Rodney is a disabled veteran of the Iraq/Afghanistan war. When he returned home from overseas in 2008, he returned with health issues,” says Lisa, “[one of which was] an ugly rash on his leg that the doctor’s could not identify.”

Lisa found, that no matter what medications or laundry detergents they tried, nothing seemed to help bring Rodney relief. Unwilling to give up in her search to find healing for her husband, Lisa turned to her own devises.

“This is where Simple Suds and Stuff was born,” says Lisa, “I just knew there had to be an all natural alternative.”

Lisa decided to do some research, “I found that our laundry detergents were laden with harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes and fragrances.” The detergents she found, were actually harming Rodney and irritating his rash.

After doing additional research, Lisa found that there were no alternatives for him. Determined to help her husband heal, she got to work.

simplesudspackages “I found some recipes and played with ingredients until I thought I had it just right,” she says,”Needless to say, in the end, I tried about six or seven different recipes. I tweaked them to come up with my own home brew for Rodney’s sensitive skin.”

Finally, she was ready to give her laundry soap a try.

“We were both elated to find that my home grown recipe did not irritate Rodney’s skin whatsoever. His rash actually improved!”

At this point, Lisa turned to her friends and family. She began by reaching out to those with sensitive skin and those whose work produced really dirty clothes. “Will you try my Suds?” she asks, “I received nothing but positive feedback from everyone who tried it.”

After their positive experiences, Rodney, along with Lisa’s family and friends, encouraged her to tell others about her Simple Suds. After pondering the idea, Lisa decided to share her Simple Suds with the rest of the world.

“I’ve been selling my Simple Suds at Farmers Markets ever since,” says Lisa, “I am building a client basesimplesudslisachestnutsquare and still get positive feedback to this day.”

With a mission to help all those with sensitive skin with their laundry needs, Lisa, with Rodney’s love and support, can be found each week at McKinney’s Farmers Market at Chestnut Square. During their season, she can also be found at The Market at Luscombe Farms. Online, Simple Suds and Stuff can be found on Facebook.  Be sure to give Simple Suds a “like” to keep up with all the latest news concerning this simply wonderful product.

“I know it works in my house,” says Lisa, “I want it to work in yours!”

McKinney Farmers Market at Chestnut Square is open each Saturday morning from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. through November 19. Click here for more information.

The Market at Luscombe Farm is held each 1st and 3rd Sunday during their season. Click here for more information.