AppyatryeBy Michele Stevens Bernard

I am a fan of McKinney Foodies. Especially those who go above and beyond to provide their guests with outstanding hospitality, outstanding food and outstanding drink. Such was the case this past Sunday night, when on February 21, 2016, an Open Table was hosted by three of McKinney’s favorite foodies, Chef Jeff Qualls of rye.craft food and drink, Chef Gregory Moureaux of Gregory’s Bistro, and Andy Doyle of McKinney Wine Merchant.

The evening featured a six course dinner, created by the chefs, each course paired with a wine provided by Doyle.  Each course complimented the next, while showcasing the chef’s talents and personal flairs. Throughout the evening, the sold out crowd enjoyed conversation, laughter, and commentary with the chefs, their staffs, and the wine merchant. Earlier in the day, the trio also hosted an Open Table for lunch, also to a sold out crowd.

Please enjoy this photo gallery, highlighting the evening’s fare. Photos are courtesy of and by Michelle Qualls. And be sure to visit rye.craft food and drink, the soon to be opened Gregory’s Bistro, now in Adriatica, and The McKinney Wine Merchant.