ChestnutSquareWatermelonTrophySubmitted by Cindy Johnson, Heritage Guild of Collin County

Record setting cool temperatures, ice cold watermelon and the best farmers market in Texas! All combined should help to set record run times at the Melon Dash 5K this Saturday on the green space next to Chestnut Square Historic Village. To celebrate the race, that benefits the North Texas Cat Rescue (favorite of Chester the cat), Chestnut Square and the Historic McKinney Farmers Market will be hosting the First Annual Watermelon Seed Spitting Contest from 9:30 – 11:30 a.m. on Chestnut St. in front of the Dulaney Cottage.

“We’re looking for record setting spits at our seed spitting contest, too. The world record of 68 feet 9 and 1/8 inches has been in place since 1989. That’s a long time for a record to stand. We need to see if we just can’t break that record this Saturday!” said Chestnut Square Executive Director, Cindy Johnson. “Here we are smack dab in the middle of melon country with one of the best growing seasons in the past century. We need to get our spitters out here and show some appreciation!”

Basically, though, there are three steps according to a recent Texas Monthly article:

READY Select a large, heavy seed and moisten your mouth with a bit of watermelon flesh. Center the seed on your tongue, with the tapered end positioned forward for better aim. If you’re able, roll your tongue to make a barrel for your black bullet.

AIM Approach the spitway, toes to the line, and inhale deeply through the nose (no one wants to perform the Heimlich). Lean back to achieve maximum force for propelling the seed.

FIRE Determine your technique: Champions either shoot up to create an arc and hope that a wind gust carries the seed or shoot down so it skips like a flat stone over still water (the bounce counts toward total distance).”

For more information on the biggest Watermelon spitting contest in Luling, Texas (did you expect it to be anywhere else but Texas?), check out this article in the Washington Post.

Local resident and Farmers Market vendor J.B. Phipps is a seasoned competitor, with a plaque from his youth to show for it.ChestnutSquareWatermelonWesPhipps He’s looking forward to creating a family dynasty as his son, Wes, competes in this weekend’s contest.

“We started practicing as soon as we heard about it.” said J.B. “We’ve been using sunflower seeds. The dynamics are a bit different, but we’re building technique Contests have come a long way. My plaque is just two dimensional. I’m hoping Wes brings home one of these three dimensional trophies to add to the family collection It’s cool!”

This year’s contest will have four categories:





The first three categories will receive trophies like the one shown above. The target category will win a watermelon.

Rules are simple and are shown below:


Event is open to all ages.

Division breakdown as follows: 0 – 12yrs | 13 – 59yrs | 60 and over| Spittoon Spitters – All Ages|

Seed spitting is an open competition for any age / sex. Height, weight, or size of mouth shall not prevent any individual from competing. Official spitting seeds will be provided in watermelon slice purchased for $1. No one will be permitted to use their own seed. Professional tobacco spitters are not eligible. Chin dribblers shall be disqualified. Immediate disqualification to any contestant using any form of pipe, tube, or other hollow object to propel seeds. Any competitor receiving assistance, of any kind, at moment of seed launching shall be immediately disqualified. Contestants who accidentally swallow seeds while sucking in air prior to seed launch, will be given one extra seed. Sponsors shall not be held responsible for the after effects of seeds swallowed by any contestant. People who wear dentures, whose teeth go further than the seed shall abide by judges decision: Distance seed travels is the only thing that counts. Poly-grip available on request. No running, jumping, skipping, or laying down while spitting. All spitting shall be from an erect, stationary stance. A contestant must perform as an individual. This disqualifies contestants gaining additional distance from a swat on the rear at the time of spitting. All spitting methods shall be acceptable. Simple blowing of seed from between teeth, from corners of lips, wide open mouth, the tongue roll, or any style preferred by contestant. Spitters will have fun at all times.

Winners will be announced by Bud Rager, the Singing Son of a Gun, from the Taylor Inn Porch at 11:30 a.m.

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