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Sweet enthusiastic Tour D’ Coop attendee holding my sweet and patient hen, “Red”..

By Yvonne Evans, McKinney Foodie Contributor

On Behalf of the McKinney Historical Neighborhood Association (MHNA) thank you to all who participated in our 2nd Annual Tour D’Coop Event. It was a hug success! Approximately 500 tickets were purchased. This one-day neighborhood chicken coop tour took place on Saturday, April 26 with D&L Ag-Mart hosting MHNA ticket sales and serving the first 100 people free breakfast burritos and hot coffee.  But, when the people kept on coming and the long line spilled into theirparking lot, it quickly exceeded 100 individuals within the first hour of ticket sales. D&L decided to fire up the grills again and feed another 100 people! Bravo, D&L!

MHNA 2nd Annual Coop Owners with chickens

The Nickol’s custom made coop to compliment their pretty home.

All seven coops were uniquely beautiful and satisfied all different tastes. In fact, I had comments from a few attendees that although they really appreciated viewing the larger coops and spacious yard set-ups they wanted to view smaller coops to help them visualize how best they could create a stylish abode for their chickens but to fit their smaller urban backyards. I was pleased to announce that because we had seven coops on tour, we did indeed have a couple of more compact coop variations; one completely custom that matched their home and another, a high quality pre-fab unit on display.

My husband, George and I fielded questions from 10:45 a.m. to 4:30p.m. We barely had time to sit down to eat or drink.  At the end of the day our legs felt as if we ran a marathon, but we both felt a wonderful sense of satisfaction knowing we provided both helpful and healthful information.  We may have inspired a few individuals and families to begin a new but very old fashion tradition of owning backyard hens.  My guess, based on the attendee’s quality of questions, 50% of them will be proud owners of new backyard flocks within the next year and quite possibly be on future McKinney coop tours or they may take the initiative to start-up their own coop tour in their home towns!


One of my bathing beauties

Matt Hamilton, owner of Local Yocall found at 213 N. Tennessee, supplied free smoked organic meat samples to tour attendees.  He said he was amazed how many people came from all over the place to view this event.  Some drove from Granbury, Burleson, Arlington, Decatur and Dallas.  We were also happy to hear that some of our local neighbors from New Hope, Lucas and Fairview made a point to see what all the “hub-bub” was about.

Kaci and Robert Lyford and Luann Van Winckel, owners of Patina Green at 116 N. Tennessee, stated they had moments of frenzied madness and estimated serving 500 Free Texas Iced Teas to those with Coop D’ Tour tickets. Karen Klassen, owner of Spoons Cafe, 100 E. Louisiana St., stated that the coop attendees sure did enjoy their free scoop of Henry’s homemade ice cream on such a warm spring beautiful day!

MHNA BackYardGarden Close up

The Rosendahl’s beautiful garden

Special appreciation goes out to the individual homeowners who prepared their hens and backyards in such a lovely manner.  You are the reason historical McKinney is such a unique and enduring town to visit and live in. You help perpetuate our MHNA’s motto “It’s all good in the hood”.

I am confident that everyone saw a coop they absolutely enjoyed.  And perhaps developed a little different perspective of what role chickens can and does have on our changing food culture. It is empowering to learn that in a small do-able way we can intimately improve the quality of our food by introducing a few well-appreciated hens into the family fold.

Until next year! Cluck-Cluck!!

yvonne-chicken-icYvonne Evans is the organizer and creator of the MHNA Tour D’Coop. To learn more about Yvonne Evans and her journey to Poultry Heaven, click here.

Photo credit: Yvonne Evans

A portion of proceeds donated to The Food Bank